Monday, January 29, 2007

Alive and Kicking

I know many of you are shocked to find new information on the Baker Family Blog Spot! I am so sorry I have not kept up lately. Life has been incredibly busy with seven kids, husband, dog, and hamster! The kids are doing great. Of course we are staying busy with the usual: school (now 6 out of 7 homeschool), violin, tennis, biking, running around in the park with all your friends, and swimming! We also like to try and go out and help with the short term teams while they are here.

This is our latest picture of all the kids. I know you can tell they have all grown a lot in this past year. Lauren is busy working full-time at SALI and taking all her classes. She is so smart and works very hard. Cullen has finally past Wes in height and beat him at arm wrestling the other night! He is becoming a young man. Noah is almost as tall as I am. He is a big strapping boy! He just had a birthday and got a new bike. So he has been spending all his free time out riding with his buddies. Abby and Katheryn are enjoying having so many friends to play with everyday. They are really tired at the end of the day! Olivia and Millie are becoming better friends each day. They like to play with their dollhouse and practice being mommy! Olivia is also happy she is learning to read. Wes is busy with teaching and short term teams. Right now we are enjoying the team from All Saints in Austin, Texas.

The kids enjoyed a ride with Mr. Sonny House not too long ago. It was a real treat to go down the streets of New Braunfels in this really old car. The kids worried about us getting in trouble because Millie wasn't in a car seat. I told them I couldn't imagine us getting a ticket because we looked so cute! It was a blast!! Thanks Mr. House!!!